Semana 12 Redes Sociales para SEO

One of the things I learned this week was about web page optimization. First, when you are running a campaign you have to fight against other pages that are paying for the same ad, so in order to beat other companies or the competition, we need to have excellent SEO on our page. Apart from SEO, we have to worry that our page opens immediately in less than 2 seconds, it would be the best, so this week I have learned the techniques that I need to apply to optimize a page.

How I work with wordpress I learned that one of the best ways to get a page optimized is to use the cache so there is a plugin called litespeed cache this helped me optimize the page so that it opens and loads in less than a second it is very good and I recommend it. We are going to make a separate point because there is another way to beat the competition in Google ads and be able to be printed on the first pages in the first lists of the page this is by doing a technique I want a strategy in social networks below I leave some links that will help us to know which page or which social network is sending the most traffic to my web page with this traffic or knowing who is sending the most public to my web page. I could create a campaign on this social network, I will be able to pay for an ad and this ad will have views or more conversions, it will send customers to my company

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Semana 11 Optimización de la página de destino y SEO básico

Aprendi mucho en cuanto al SEO y la optimizacion de mis palabras claves lo veo muy dificil pero he seguido las recomendaciones que he leido. Me ha impactado el formulario espero tener buenos resultados. Sigo mirando las herramientas de google para que me diga en que mas mejorar. Pero he tenido mas preguntas como por ejemplo como cambiar mis palabras claves enviarlas a otra campaña, y me salio un mesaje que me decia que si las borraba no las podria añadir de nuevo.

Estoy mejorando en esto, conseguir lo backlinks ha sido muy dificil pero no imposible.

The landing page is very entertaining, there is a lot to look at, but the ad says running shoes, I enter the page and if I find many running shoes, but I also find t-shirts, but I see that much later.
I would add a testimonial and a form and a descriptive text and less images so as not to entertain myself and choose quickly.

And also free shipping but among so many images I did not see where they confirmed that the shipping was free. I also think that the testimonials is a good idea and see their social networks.

If I also noticed that, I would add what you say and perhaps a very short form and fewer images. I had to scroll a lot to see the whole page.

The best things I should do is get backlins because my page doesn’t have any but how do I get them, I think writing in other people’s blocks and I’ve seen that they do that but I also see that they are penalized as spam. Another thing I saw is the titles the titles of my ads must contain the keywords of my ad on Google. It is definitely a long job because I have to make the words agree and relate to each other.

The top 5 things I can do to improve my page are:
1. Optimize the load so that it is faster to visualize.
2. Get backlinks
3. Have relevant titles with my keywords
4. Give what is sought, less is more
5. Add a form
In these pages I want the keyword that I want to optimize is:
1. “container sale”
2. “mobile office”
3. “customs agent”
I chose each one of those words because I consider that they are the relevant ones to sell the service and the product.

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